Su Tech Ennui: "cupsd: Child exited with status 98!"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"cupsd: Child exited with status 98!"

If you get the error "cupsd: Child exited with status 98!" on your linux server, it's probably because cups was not running at some point and another process grabbed port 631, thinking it was a spare random port.

Most likely it was rpc.statd, and you should be able to clear it by issuing "/etc/init.d/nfslock restart"

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youtube-konto said...

You saved the rest of my nights sleep. I knew it was the port 631 which was grabbed by something - I had suspicions about squid or so. Nothing really helpful on the net but this uninstall/reinstall stuff and that sort of thing which won't help anyway. But at 1:08h AM I found your entry. Thanks!